Which Cryptocurrency Should I Invest in 2020, and Why?

Which Cryptocurrency should I Invest in 2020, and Why?
There are a number of cryptocurrencies you can consider. I personally prefer to keep my investment portfolio distributed across multiple cryptocurrencies.
It’s obviously a rare opportunity to get to invest in any high grossing asset class at their lowest when most people have given up on it. I’ll be listing a few cryptocurrencies. I can assure you that if you put your money in them, you’ll be smiling at your wallets by the end of the year 2020.
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They may not appreciate 100 times compared to their current price, but they’ll do way better than a whole lot of their counterparts.

Bitcoin BTC: It’s the market leader; one would be crazy not to recognize that any good/positive that’ll happen to the crypto markets this year will mostly start with BTC, which will then influence other cryptos because of its over 50% market dominance. Coupled with the Lightning network, which has improved the system, the Bitcoin ETF is also most likely to be approved this year by the SEC, the influence of the BAKKT will also be felt positively.
Ethereum ETH: The second-largest crypto by market cap, it’s been affected by the decline in acceptance and performance of ICOs who are the primary users of Ether, it’s cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum has significant and crucial partnerships in place to drive the company to the peak. Their Blockchain is also laudable and has made it possible for other cryptocurrencies to leverage on it for their launch before most of them went the main net. Apart from the very low transaction fees, Ethereum was the first to introduce smart contracts as well and would be a front-runner when the next crypto boom starts. Your money should be on Ethereum in 2020!
EOS: It addresses some shortcomings of the Ethereum Network. To develop a dApp on Ethereum, you need to use Solidity, a programming language for smart contracts, which is a barrier to the use of the Ethereum Network. EOS overcomes this by providing some services to developers, including database and account management services, which do not require programming knowledge. EOS has other technological strong points, as well. It is faster and more scalable than Ethereum. Where the Ethereum Network requires users to pay TXN fees, EOS does not need TXN fees as a centralized group of 21 gatekeepers approves transactions. EOS also has enormous and enthusiastic community support, and for a good reason, the coin is not mined. Instead, block producers are voted in by the community. Finally, EOS recently completed a successful token sale and has the capital to develop its full potential. I am confident EOS will be a profitable investment in 2020 and beyond. Buy some now!

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Which Cryptocurrency Should I Invest in 2020, and Why?