Know about Blockchain in a fun non Techy Way – Sarah Louise : Unblocked [BULL.IO] #blockchainfun

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About Sarah Louise:

Twitter @sarahlouisej

Community Builder, Artist, Photographer and Technology Evangelist

Sarah worked as a fashion and advertising photographer for ten years, working for brands and magazines including Vogue Brides, Schwarzkopf, Timotei, JWT and many others. After promoting her work on decentralised social media sites she became more and more interested in how blockchain technology could be used to bring a change into people’s lives. Sarah works as a Community manager at Etch, a blockchain-based smart contract startup that enables workers to receive their wages in real-time and have access to their cash as they earn it. Having experienced and witnessed numerous payment delays in the creative industries, she was inspired by how a platform like Etch could create a healthier cashflow situation for workers. She also co-runs Unblocked, a new tech channel with a special focus on AR, AI, VR, Blockchain and much more. The channel helps bring focus to social conscious projects in a fun and relatable way to help bridge the gap between the general public and the sometimes difficult to navigate tech world.

Her experience in the tech world so far has allowed her to speak, host or panel at many tech events including the Microsoft reactor, Unleash conference, Trustless eco systems, Distributed workforce, N.O.M.A.N, and the Etch meet-ups.

She also work as an artist, spiritual coach, photographer and run an online metaphysical store.

About Unblocked:
Sharing exciting social conscious projects and making the information easy to digest and fun for a wide audience

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Know about Blockchain in a fun non Techy Way - Sarah Louise : Unblocked [BULL.IO] #blockchainfun