BTC Analysis : Both Cases

BTC Analysis : Both Cases

BTC Analysis : Both Cases



Here is my personal analysis for BTC Today : 28.06.2021 : 07h30

BTCUSD is still in a down trend. On D, 2D, 3D

On lower time frame (4H BTC is neutral, with a small bullish posture.
if BTC close above 35000-35600, and above the 100EMA, it can go UP to 37000 (200 EMA ) or 40500-42500 ( Resistance Zone )
It can retrace to 32900-32300 (previous pivot point ), a little bit bellow the 9 et 21 EMA , and stay with a momentum to the upside.

On the 1h, BTC can have reached a resistance at 35000-35600, stoch is crossing down.
On the 4h, Stoch is up, near the top (80), but for initialize a downward momentum, I like to see it going above 80 and crossing down above 80, confirmation bellow 80. Not ready yet to go down.
On the 4h, the RSI is above 50 but it need to stay above it, else if RSI pass bellow 50, like on the 3 of Juin and the 11 of Juin, the price can go down.
Target 1: 32500-32300, Target 2 : 30200-30300, Taget 3 : 29300-29000