Bitcoin Analyze (Playing with Harmonic Patterns)!!!

Bitcoin Analyze (Playing with Harmonic Patterns)!!!

Bitcoin Analyze (Playing with Harmonic Patterns)!!!


Hi everyone, did you buy coins on the bottom ?! if not, do not worry, I think that we will see there again.πŸ˜‰

I force to repeat some information again, maybe someone did not read it.

Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ) Timeframe 4h ⏰

Location: Bitcoin’s Correction has started around 64200$ (The Corrective structure is Zig Zag 5-3-5). If you followed my posts, we found End of microwave 4 of the main wave C, but it was wrong because counting waves can change (We saw fake break). if price can break(Trusty, we saw a fake break yesterday) Support trusty (31620$ until 30960$ (Support + Cluster of Fibs)== Heavy Support), I can say that The end of microwave 4 of Main wave C was at 41330$ , otherwise, probably microwave 4 will be the complex type (WXY_WXYXZ).

Microwave 2 rested on Price, and now we can see microwave 4 is resting on Time.

Patterns: Bitcoin was able to make Descending Triangle , and still the price is playing inside this pattern. in addition, I found TWO Harmonic Patterns inside our Descending Triangle .
First Harmonic Pattern: as I said in this post ”Topic: Bitcoin Analyze (Technical & Fundamental)!!!”: Please read this post πŸ‘‰

Bullish 🦈Shark🦈 Pattern worked wellπŸ‘

Second Harmonic Pattern: Bearish 5-0 Pattern, I think that this pattern can be work from now until 35000$ (probably it will work at the upper line of Descending Triangle ).

as well as, we had a Bullish flag on the timeframe 15min.πŸ‘‰

Also, still, I am believing in Bitcoin Long-term Analyze (Monthly Time frame)πŸ“†: Please read this post carefully ( I LOVE THIS POSTπŸ˜€)πŸ‘‰

I tried to show you our Resistance Zones & Suppor Zones that we have in front of Bitcoin .

Resistance zones & Suppor Zones on Bitcoin’s way (Respectively):

Resistance zone: 35288$ until 34820$ (Support + Cluster of Fibs) == Medium Resistance

Resistance zone: 37596$ until 37267$ (Yearly Support 1+ Cluster of Fibs) == Medium Resistance

Resistance zone: 39450$ until 39506$ (Resistance + Cluster of Fibs)/== Light Resistance

Resistance zone: 41340$ until 40800$ (Resistance + Cluster of Fibs) == Medium Resistance

Resistance zone: 42250$ until 4225$ (Monthly Pivot Point + Cluster of Fibs)/ I don’t think that Price can break this zone just with one test.== Heavy Resistance

Resistance zone: 44280$ until 44071$ (Resistance + Cluster of Fibs ) == Medium Resistance

Resistance zone: 46186$ until 45320$ (Resistance + Cluster of Fibs + Yearly Resistance 2) == Medium Resistance

Support zone: 31620$ until 30960$ (Support + Cluster of Fibs+ the lower line of Descending Triangle ) == Heavy & important Support

My Suggestion: please do NOT buy Coins for Midterm and Long-term investment until the market finds a way. At least you can wait for breaking our Descending Triangle (to UP).

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy, this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post.

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