ADA – Daily Chart

ADA – Daily Chart

ADA – Daily Chart


I guess this is the first time I’m putting a daily chart for short term ADA!
Since you guys asked a lot I’m posting this just to show the key support and resistance zones. And as you know these charts are valid for only 24 hours.
There is only one local support on the way down which is a good one since that support is on top of a famous demand zone:

✅ ADA (Cardano) - What's next?

There is one local resistance which isn’t hard to pass, but for having a good pump we need to break the Orange Key Resistance which requires good Buy Volumes and also a healthy market.
In case a sudden breakout happens, that red resistance is where it might stop.
Market is showing Buy Volumes on different platforms so don’t open too many short positions.

I’ll keep this chart updated.
Use this chart as your trade setup for now.

Current Market Price: $ 2.274

Good Luck
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