XRP Adoption – Crypto Regulation – FUD and Stablecoins

XRP Adoption - Crypto Regulation - FUD and Stablecoins
XRP Adoption – Crypto Regulation – FUD and Stablecoins

In today’s video we drive-thru a couple key headlines from the past week. Stay through to the end to see my craziest, wackiest Crypto headline of the week!!!
CFTC Enforcement action sees victory – https://goo.gl/EYa2Cv
SEC to work with ICOs – https://goo.gl/x2PYeq
Ripple Enjoys Mass Adoption with XRapid – https://goo.gl/WukTM7
Tether withdraws 25% of USDT (FUD) – https://goo.gl/VLpHvB
Huobi launches Stablecoin – https://goo.gl/1fY2P3
Huobi’s Stablecoin Explained – https://goo.gl/AriqY5
Ledger sells 1.3M Nano S Units – https://goo.gl/PFYDAw
Upcoming BTC Auction – https://goo.gl/iby8Bu
200M in BTC transferred for 10cents – https://goo.gl/8d274r

**CRAZIEST HEADLINE OF THE WEEK – https://goo.gl/zQ471v

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XRP Adoption – Crypto Regulation – FUD and Stablecoins