Antminer S9 L3+ Bitcoin Miner Noise Cancelling Box

Antminer S9 L3+ Bitcoin Miner Noise Cancelling Box

  • COMPATIABLE WITH: Antminer S7, S9, L3 + God horse, wings bit.
  • HIGH QUALITY: With double-layered fireproof and soundproof cotton. Long exposure to noise over 90dB will trigger several types of influences to human’s health both physical and mental. By employing such a noise reduction box, the indoor noise is expected to be reduced to a maximum level of 50-60 dB, which provides you a quiet environment.
  • PERFECT DESIGN: The noise reduction box, equipped with double outlets and air inlets, can accelerate the air circulation effectively, and keep indoor temperature as outdoor.
  • CONSIDERTE DETAILS: The noise reduction box is equipped with ready-to-use power socket with a working capacity of 2500W; entrance for extra power and Internet cables is also provided. Any other change is not necessary.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The Accessories consists of 12 screw rods and 1 screwdriver, only easy manual operation is required to assemble it.

Packaging Information

Gross Weight: 17 KG
Net Weights: 15KG
Box Size: 21in*15in*17in


1.Firstly, install twelve (12) screw rods into the corresponding holes on the box’s two side panels, ensure them to reach the designed depth but avoid overexertion.
2.Secondly, assemble the bottom panel and two small end panels to the screw rods;
3.Thirdly, assemble the other large side panel to the screw rods;
4.Lastly, fix all the screws with proper force and now the box is ready to be used, just put the machine in and switch on the power, it works!

List Price: $ 477.99